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Sora noir et blanc (Kingdom Hearts)

Sora in black and white

For this exclusive version, Funko has decided to represent Sora with a black, white and gray version of his outfit. We find this kind of suit with wide pants reaching mid-calf and this big zipper that is the trademark of the Kingdom Hearts outfits. In his hands, he holds two big keys that he must collect during the game, one black and the other white with colored details. At the level of the head, we find this funny hairstyle in spikes.


Sora looking for her friends

Sora is the central character of the video game saga Kingdom Hearts from the Japanese studio Square Enix. At the beginning of the story, when Sora and his friends try to leave their island to explore the world, they are attacked by heartless (creatures that have fallen into darkness) and get separated. Sora will explore the world to find them and find allies to save his island. He will meet many characters from the world of Disney, including Mickey but also Donald and Goofy who will share a large part of his adventure.


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