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Mickey (Kingdom Hearts)

A very chic Mickey

Although respecting the usual colors of the character (white, red, black and yellow), this version of Mickey is much more chic with a very detailed costume giving him the look of a knight or a musketeer. He wears red wide pants and a matching tunic with lots of buckle and ruffle details and big yellow shoes. As usual, he wears big white gloves and holds a big golden key in his hand as it is also the case in the game.


Mickey Holds the Key

Mickey is probably the most famous Disney character and one of the first to be created by Walt Disney himself. He appears in many short films and cartoon series but also in some feature films. Since 2002, he has appeared in several episodes of the Kingdom Hearts video games. These action-RPG games from Square Enix studios are a cross over of Disney characters and existing Square Enix characters (mainly Final Fantasy) in a magical world.


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