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Lea with keyblade (Kingdom Hearts)

A powerful weapon

Lea is represented here with one of the famous keyblades, with its complex design and its yellow and orange transparent plastic. He also wears a long black coat with a zipper as well as gloves, black boots and a hood falling down in his back. On his head, his hair is red and spiky.


A complicated destiny

Lea is a character of the Kingdom Hearts video game series taking place in a world mixing original universe and Disney world. This world is constantly endangered by creatures who have lost their hearts and succumbed to the darkness. Lea is one of these people but decides to join the Organization XIII, a group of thirteen similars whose goal is to find their hearts at all costs. When he does, Lea reverts to the positive, friendly young man he once was and joins Sora, the hero of the games who is fighting to protect his island from the heartless. At his side, Lea will learn to handle the keyblades, the famous weapons that allow to fight the heartless.


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