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Chip and Dale (Kingdom Hearts)

Squirrels in the magical world

While they are usually represented naked” in Disney cartoons, they are represented here with their clothes reminding the magical world of the game. We can recognize the two squirrels with their brown fur and this kind of yellow dress with straps and the Mickey logo on the front pocket. The two friends are distinguished by the darker color of Chip’s coat. Dale’s red nose and the little puff of hair on the top of his head are also noticeable.



Chip and Dale’s noisy neighbors are two fictional chipmunks that appeared in Walt Disney’s universe for the first time in 1943. They were initially anonymous before becoming Donald Duck’s troublesome neighbors. In the 2000s, they also became characters in the famous Kingdom Hearts games from Square Enix studios. These mix known characters of their studio (mainly Final Fantasy) with famous Disney characters.


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