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Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)

A very young girl

As in the game, Kairi is mainly dressed in shades of pink. She wears a short pink dress with lots of zippers and several straps to hang things on. Like all the characters in the game, she wears big round-toed shoes and hers are of course pink and white. Finally, her face is simple with pink cheeks but we can recognize her beautiful red hair.


The princess of heart

Kairi is one of the important characters that we find in Kingdom Hearts, this famous series of video games mixing original characters with Disney and other characters of the house Square Enix. Kairi lives on the Island of Destiny with her friends Sora and Riku. But when they decide to leave the island to discover other worlds, they are attacked by the Heartless and Kairi disappears. Kairi is also one of the seven princesses of heart, that is to say that her heart is made of pure light, which gives her the ability to repel the Nescients.


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