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Lea (Kingdom Hearts)

An inimitable appearance

Lea is represented as we see him in the game, with his long black coat closed by a large zipper, his black shoes, black gloves and a hood falling down his back. At the head level, we find his red hair styled in points on the top of his head and falling a little in the neck.


Many changes

Lea is a character who has undergone many changes in the Kingdom Hearts video game series. He is the human form from which Axel was born, one of the Similis belonging to the famous Organization XIII. These beings, bodies and souls having lost a particularly powerful heart, had for goal to recover a heart thanks to the Kingdom Hearts. When he succeeds, he regains his original personality, that of a positive and curious boy, and joins forces with Sora and the other guardians of light to fight the heartless and protect the kingdom.


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