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Sora Drive Form (Kingdom Hearts)

Some very useful clothes

For this exclusive figurine, Funko has represented Sora with one of these famous Drive Form. He wears an all black outfit with the particular style of the game, short and voluminous pants with big shoes and a short jacket. But on this particular outfit, we find white stars on the bottom of the pants and blue lines on his jacket. At the level of the head, we find his usual brown hair in peaks. Finally, instead of a classic key blade, he holds one decorated in a rainbow fashion with a golden star at the end.


New powers

Sora is the famous hero of the Kingdom Hearts video games mixing a rich original universe with the world of Disney. With the power to control the powerful keyblades, Sora is one of the only ones who can save his island and many other kingdoms from the terrible Heartless. Fortunately, he is also helped by new friends he has made along the way, including Goofy and Donald. At the beginning of the second installment of the game, Sora is given a new wardrobe by the fairies Fauna, Flora and Pimprenelle. These clothes have the particularity of giving him access to drive forms, which give him new powers and abilities directly related to his clothes.


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