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Halloween Goofy (Kingdom Hearts)

A proud representative of Halloween

For this exclusive figure at the New York Comic Con 2017, Funko has therefore chosen to represent Goofy in his Frankenstein outfit. He wears very torn and sewn clothes in past shades of gray, green and brown even if we recognize his usual suspenders and his too short pants. His shoes are also torn to reveal his clawed feet. At the level of the head, we can see that his muzzle is sewn up and a pumpkin replaces his nose. Finally, we find this strange hat in the shape of a big screw on the top of his head.


Dingo Frankenstein

Dingo (Goofy in English) is one of the Disney characters that Sora meets during his adventures in the video game Kingdom Hearts 2. He, Sora and Donald decide to visit the spooky town of Halloween. To their great surprise, when they enter, Goofy is transformed into Frankenstein, Donald into a mummy and Sora into a vampire. They meet Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king and head of the town’s festivities. When they learn that Dr. Finklestein is conducting experiments on Heartless, they decide to help him, figuring that it might help them too.


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