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Mickey organization 13 (Kingdom Hearts)

Dark Mickey

On this version, Mickey is represented with the black coat worn by the members of the organization 13. It is a long black coat with a zipper in the style of Kingdom Hearts and even covers his two large mouse ears. With this, he also wears gloves and big black shoes. In his hand he holds one of the big golden keys that are important in the game.


Mickey against the dark

Mickey is one of the main characters of the video game Kingdom Hearts, the series developed by Square Enix featuring original characters, like the hero Sora, in the world of Disney. In the second opus of the game, the heroes are confronted with the Organization 13, a group of thirteen people who have lost their hearts to the darkness but are trying to get them back by all means. They will have to face them but also, on some occasions, mingle with them.


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