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Shadow Heartless chase (Kingdom Hearts)

Shadows that glow in the dark

This Shadow Heartless figure in the chase version is identical to his normal version except that his yellow eyes glow in the dark. His black body is almost humanoid with legs and arms with three finger hands. At the head he has just two large glow-in-the-dark eyes and two sort of antennae on top of his head.


Adorable but dark little creatures

The Shadow Heartless are the main enemies of the heroes in the Kingdom Hearts video game series. They represent the evil side of people. When someone is attacked by a Heartless or their own heart succumbs to darkness, a new Heartless is created. It is because of an attack by these creatures that Sora, the hero of the game, gets separated from his friends and finds himself asking for help from the Disney characters he comes across to find them.


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