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Mickey Kingdom Hearts 3 (Kingdom Hearts)

The master of the keyblades

Funko has therefore represented Mickey with his outfit of the new opus, a little different from previous ones. He wears red pants with a checkered fabric border and big yellow and grey shoes in the style of the game. He wears a stylish black jacket and his usual white gloves. Finally, at the level of the head, we find of course his two big black ears and his mouse snout. He also holds in his left hand one of the powerful keyblades.


King Mickey is back

Mickey is one of the most important characters in the Kingdom Hearts video games. From the first opus, when Sora needs help to save his island and goes on an adventure, Mickey’s kingdom is the first one he finds. Mickey will help him find keyblades and will even introduce him to Donald and Goofy who will become faithful friends for Sora. In the third opus of Sora’s adventures, Mickey is of course back. He was one of the first to realize the threat that the Heartless pose to the world and will therefore continue to fight them as long as they exist.


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