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Donald (Kingdom Hearts)

A magical Donald

Since he evolves here in a different and magical world, the usual sailor suit of Donald is here a bit adapted. Of course, we still recognize his white body, his big yellow webbed paws and his grumpy look but his costume is more complex. He wears a suit of armor on his shoulders and holds in his hands a large stick ending with a pointed wizard hat. On his head, his usual sailor hat is more complex and decorated, giving him a bit of a turban look.


Donald lands in another universe

Donald is one of the most famous Disney characters, appearing in many movies and short films, especially alongside Mickey Mouse. From 2002, he also appeared in the Kingdom Hearts video games. These action-RPG games from Square Enix studios bring together many Disney characters as well as characters already known to Square Enix (mainly Final Fantasy) around a main character named Sora who is looking for his friends.


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