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Halloween Donald (Kingdom Hearts)

A still disgruntled Donald

For this exclusive figure at the New York Comic Con 2017 taking place in October, Funko logically chose to represent Donald with his mummy appearance. His duck body is almost completely covered in beige strips, leaving only those flippers, his orange beak, white eyes, and a puff on top of his head sticking out. At the level of the belly and the arm, the strips discover missing parts of the body and represented with transparent plastic.


Donald the mummy

Donald is one of the important Disney characters that we meet in the second opus of Kingdom Hearts, this series of video games mixing Disney characters, Square Enix licenses and some original characters and central to the story. At one point, Donald, Goofy and the hero Sora find themselves at the entrance to the city of Halloween. They decide to explore it and find themselves instantly transformed into a mummy, Frankenstein and vampire. They learn that Jack Skellington and the town’s scientist are conducting experiments on the Heartless there, so they decide to join them to help them.


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