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Sora Monsters Inc flocked (Kingdom Hearts)

A soft werewolf

For this exclusive figurine, Funko has represented Sora in a monster and flocked version, that is to say with a soft texture. He is a kind of gray werewolf with darker stripes and wide and clawed paws. He doesn’t wear pants but just a black jacket with red edges and two yellow bracelets. On his head, he has big grey ears and red spiky hair. Finally, his famous keyblade is transformed here to fit in the world of Monsters Inc. It looks more mechanical with a claw and a blue Monsters Inc. helmet at the end.


A gentle monster

Sora is the hero of the famous video game series Kingdom Hearts from Square Enix Studios, mixing the original world that Sora must try to save from the terrifying Heartless and many Disney universes. In the third opus of the saga, Sora continues to discover new worlds alongside his friends Goofy and Donald and will, among other things, enter Monstropolis, the city of the cartoon Monsters Inc. In order to blend in with the population, the three friends will also take the form of monsters, Sora transforming into a kind of werewolf with a rather nice look.


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