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Mickey organization 13 exclusif (Kingdom Hearts)

Mickey has the key

For this SDCC 2018 exclusive release, Mickey is represented with his Organization 13 costume but without the hood. We find this long black dress with matching gloves and shoes with the elegant zipper details typical of the style of this game. On the head, we find the usual face of Mickey and he also holds one of the famous big golden keys important in the game to which is attached a small golden head of Mickey.


Mickey vs. the Heartless

King Mickey is one of the main protagonists in the famous Kingdom Hearts video game series. They feature the character of Sora who has to fight against enemies called the heartless, characters who have lost their hearts after succumbing to the darkness. For this, he is helped by many characters from the world of Disney. In the second episode of the game, Sora and his friends must face the Organization 13, a group of thirteen people who have lost their hearts but are willing to do anything to try to get them back, even the worst. Sora and his friends, including Mickey, will at some point have to infiltrate among them.


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