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Sora Guardian Form (Kingdom Hearts)

Always the keeper of the keys

For this new version of Sora, the character is represented with the new outfit. This one is still very much in the Kingdom Hearts style with his baggy pants, his big shoes and the zipper on his short jacket. But the outfit is this time mainly black and brown. He holds one of the famous keyblades in his right hand and as always, we find his brown hair styled in spikes.


Sora is back for new adventures

Sora is the hero of the famous video games of the editor Square Enix, which put him in a magical world and crosses throughout the game many characters and universes of the Disney world. As in the first game, Sora will go on an adventure with Donald and Goofy and go to Mount Olympus to try to find Hercules so that he can help him recover his lost powers. In the course of the game, they will meet characters still unpublished in the Kingdom Hearts universe like the characters of Pirates of the Caribbean or Monsters Inc.


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