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Steve Ahoy (Stranger Things)

A fun look

On this exclusive figure offered only during the 2018 Funko Fundays event, Funko has depicted Steve with the famous costume he wears to work in the first Stranger Things season 3 teaser. It’s a pretty ridiculous traditional sailor suit consisting of navy blue shorts and t-shirt with white stripes as well as a red bandana. He wears it with sneakers and white socks going up quite high. At the level of the head, we always recognize this very brushed cut and very typical of the iconic look of the 80s worn by Steve since the beginning of the series.


A new job for Steve

Steve is one of the most popular characters of the fantasy series Stranger Things set in the 80s. Rather secondary and absolutely detestable in season 1, he has evolved a lot from the end of this season and especially in season 2. Cool and caring but not very smart boyfriend of the very smart Nancy Wheeler, Steve finally finds himself single at the beginning of season 2 when she realizes that she was never really in love with him. And while Nancy embarks, with Jonathan, on a cabal against Hawkins Lab to bring their secrets to light, Steve finds himself embarked on a hunt for the Demogorgon with Dustin and his friends. As always in the series, all the leads will end up together and if, once again, Steve proves that he is not the smartest, he definitely shows that he has a good background, courage and a cool attitude that makes the character eminently likeable. While not much is known about season 3 yet, we’ve already found out that Steve will spend his summer working at the ice cream shop in the new Hawkins mall, which we can imagine will be the center of new paranormal phenomena this season.


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