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Supreme Leader Snoke (Star Wars)

A terrifying appearance

Having used the dark side of the force for a long time, Snoke is severely disfigured. He has unhealthy pink skin and deep wrinkles and scars all over his face, neck and hands. In contrast, he is dressed in a long, luxurious golden robe with a very clean line. One of his hands is forward as if to show that he is using the force.


The New Big Bad

Snoke is the supreme leader of the First Order, the powerful new dictatorship that took over the galaxy in the third trilogy of the Star Wars saga. His control of the dark side of the force is very powerful, which explains his totally disfigured face and the fact that he managed to attract Ben Solo, turning him away from the Jedi path, thus pushing him to become Kylo Ren. His origin is very mysterious and preferring a mobile command center to a real base, it is difficult to guess who he really is and what he wants.


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