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Taffyta (Ralph Breaks The Internet)

A strawberry candy

As in the game, Taffyta’s look is entirely based on the strawberry candy theme. She wears a pink sequined dress with white and pink striped tights and red sneakers. She is also wearing a pink metallic jacket and on her head she has a little button nose and blonde bobbed hair. Finally, on her head, she wears a kind of cap in the shape of a very stylized strawberry.


A fiercer competitor than she looks

Taffyta is a secondary character in the Disney Studios cartoons Wreck It Ralph” and its sequel “Ralph Breaks The Internet”. In the first film, Ralph, tired of being the eternal villain of his game, found himself in the game Sugar Rush with the young Vanellope, whom he helped to save from the evil villain who wanted to take over. Sugar Rush is a racing game with a candy theme. Taffyta was one of the other competitors of the game and therefore one of Vanellope’s enemies. This is still the case today, although Vanellope finds the game boring.


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