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Tahani Al-Jamil (The Good Place)

Tahani is of course represented with one of her iconic floral dresses that we see her wearing in almost every episode of the show. This one is the one we see on the first promo pictures of the series. It is blue with the tight top and thin straps and a very flared skirt going down to below the knee. There are white and pink roses on the bottom of the dress with green leaves. She wears pink heels and a pearl necklace and a ring on the hand that she holds on her chest. Finally, has long thick brown hair, slightly wavy and with bangs falling on her forehead.


An exceptional woman

Tahani Al-Jamil is one of the main characters of the series The Good Place. She is one of the newcomers to the Good Place, otherwise known as paradise, along with Eleanor Shellstrop, her neighbors, and Janyu, a non-speaking Buddhist monk who is supposed to be her soul mate. Coming from a wealthy family, Tahani has accomplished a lot in her life, both personally and professionally, but she also loves to brag about it and talk about all the people she has met. And this paradise is not exactly what she expected, especially because her soul mate had taken a vow of silence. But things get even stranger when she learns that he is not a monk at all but Jason Mendoza from Florida and that there was a mistake in the person, as it is also the case for her neighbor Eleanor Shellstrop. Tahani will have no choice but to help keep Jason and Eleanor’s secret while they try to learn more about how to become good” and keep their place in heaven. An Icon


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