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Michael (The Good Place)

An elegant architect

Michael is shown here wearing one of the elegant colorful suits we see him wearing in the series. It’s a purple suit with pants and jacket and a pink clutch and matching shirt. As always, he wears a bow tie, here light purple. He is also wearing brown shoes. In his hands, he holds a book The Book Of Dougs” that he takes when they all infiltrate the Good Place command center to try to talk to the committee. Finally, at the head level, we find his white hair combed back and his glasses with a black frame.


The architect

Michael is the architect of the neighborhood in the series The Good Place. This one takes place as its name indicates it in The Good Place”, that is to say the paradise. The series begins when Eleanor dies and finds herself in this paradise which was entirely created by Michael. He shows her the place where she will now live, her house, her neighbors, her city and also her soul mate, Chidi. Only, it turns out that there was a mistake on the person and Eleanor is confused with another Eleanor who deserves much more her place in paradise. This will cause a lot of problems in the neighborhood, which Michael will blame on the fact that this is the first neighborhood he has created for the Good Place. But then other anomalies will appear in the neighborhood, we will realize that Michael may not be who he says he is.


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