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The Invisible Jet (Wonder Woman)

Wonder Woman and her transparent plane

As in the comics, the famous invisible jet looks like a retro plane from the Second World War. It is made entirely of transparent plastic to give the sensation of invisibility. It is placed on a base that raises it to give the sensation of flight. Like all the wrinkles, this jet is open on top to be able to put a figurine. In this case, it is of course Wonder Woman. She is wearing her classic superhero outfit with her red and blue starry bustier, decorated with a golden eagle. She wears of course her famous red boots, her bracelets and her golden tiara with red star. At the head level, we find of course also her long brown hair.


The Invisible Plane

Wonder Woman, whose real name is Diana Prince, is one of the most famous superheroines in the comic book world. She is a demi-goddess sculpted in clay by her own mother and endowed with power by the gods of Olympus. Her training by the Amazons also makes her a warrior princess. The character was created during World War II where she fought against the Nazis and other super-villains. In addition to her physical strength, stamina and fighting abilities, she has an arsenal of technology such as the lasso of truth, her projectile tiara and her indestructible bracelets. If she is able to fly by herself, she needs a way to get around and that’s where the invisible plane comes in. This one allows her to reach a supersonic speed without any risk of being detected.


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