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Batman Robot chase (Batman the animated series)

The robot is revealed

For this chase version of the already existing figure, Funko decided to reveal more of the robot appearance of the character. In this series, Batman is wearing the retro version of the Batman costume. We find the classic Batman outfit: a tight gray suit with black underwear, a yellow belt as well as gloves, boots and a black cape. On the other hand, the whole face is robotic instead of half of it. We find this kind of metallic skull with two big red eyes and a fully revealed jaw which gives it a very worrying side.


A robot who is not aware of being a robot

Batman Robot is a character appearing in several episodes of the animated series Batman which was first broadcast in the 90s. This robot is an android created by an artificial intelligence that had the goal to replace all humans by androids to solve” the problem of human mortality. But this android is so advanced that the artificial intelligence even managed to make him believe that he is really Batman, thus mistaking the real Batman for an impostor.


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