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Tyrant (Resident Evil)

A formidable but perfectible biological weapon

Although it is a biological weapon in the same way as the Nemesis, the Tyrant is of the Tyrant lineage in that it is incapable of speaking or executing orders. It is humanoid in shape, measuring over 2.40 meters. He is characterized by a skin color that varies between white, gray and blue, white eyes and visible veins on the surface of his skin. Despite its power and resistance, the Tyrant has a major vulnerability that proves to be its main weakness: located outside its rib cage, its heart is easily accessible to its attackers. Finally, he has a left arm with huge claws that allow him to claw and impale his opponents. Each of his physical characteristics have been reproduced on this figure that Funko logically offers in a super-sized format.


An experiment gone wrong

The Tyrant is a character from the famous survival horror video game series, Resident Evil. The Tyrant is originally a human on whom experiments were conducted in order to design a biological weapon capable of replacing humans. The Tyrant T-002 project is based on the T-001 project, which was suddenly abandoned because of its defects. However, Arklay laboratory maintains the research and selects guinea pigs on which surgical operations of muscular augmentation are carried out. The T-002 is born following the injection of the Virus-T on one of the surviving guinea pigs: the creature proves to be powerful, intelligent and free of the defects of the T-001. While the Tyrant should have allowed Umbrella to become an international superpower, the experiment fails: despite exceptional resistance and strength, the Tyrant proves to be very impulsive and increasingly capable of personal initiative until it no longer obeys orders and becomes totally uncontrollable.


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