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Tyrant glows in the dark (Resident Evil)

A walking nightmare

For this figure exclusive to Gamestop stores, Funko has represented the Tyrant in a super sized version of 15 cm and in glows in the dark”, that is to say he glows in the dark. The character is therefore initially human and represented completely naked with a very unhealthy gray skin color. His organs partly pierce his skin and we can see a piece of lung, many veins and bits of muscles. His left hand has completely mutated and has become huge and clawed like that of a big reptile. Finally, his eyes are white and he no longer has a lip, revealing all his teeth and giving him an even more disturbing grin.


An uncontrollable experiment

The Tyrant is one of the worst enemies the player will encounter in the famous survival horror game: Resident Evil. He is the result of scientific experiments conducted by the two creators of the terrible Umbrella Corporation, which caused the zombie” epidemic that the player must fight in each episode. After discovering a West African virus with the ability to dramatically change infected people both physically and mentally, they attempted to manipulate and inoculate humans with it to create biological weapons that could be controlled at will. But even after years of work, the Tyrant proved to be more autonomous and impulsive than expected and they eventually lost control of him.


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