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Licker (Resident Evil)

Big brains and big teeth

Most of the zombies in Resident Evil have a terrifying appearance but the licker is probably one of the worst of them. His body is totally flayed, showing all his muscles and tendons. He is shown crouching with impressive claws on his hands and feet and some remnants of skin. On the head, he has no eyes and his brain is not protected by a skull. Finally, we find his mouth bristling with big worrying teeth and his famous big tongue.


An enemy as terrifying as ever

The licker is a type of zombie that appeared in the second installment of Resident Evil, the famous action/adventure video game series. In an effort to create real human weapons, scientists at the mysterious Umbrella Corporation infected a number of humans, creating horribly disfigured monsters that behave like zombies. Lickers are blind zombies that crawl around and can only be identified by sound. They are also of course particularly noticeable because of their long tongues which they use to capture their victims.


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