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Ultima Knight (Fortnite)

An impressive knight

So here Funko has represented Ultima Knight with his impressive golden armor. You can see that he is wearing black clothes underneath, to add to the mystery and his golden metal armor covers his arms, legs and torso. He has an ammunition belt around his waist and stands with clenched fists for an even fiercer attitude. Finally, he wears a medieval-inspired golden helmet rising high above his head and with glowing red eyes.


A legendary skin

The Ultima Knight is a legendary skin that can be obtained by reaching tier 100 of the battlepass season ten in the online video game Fortnite Battle Royale. It is a knight skin that is a new version of the Black Knight skin from season two with more details and an even more impressive physique. The player can also buy the Dragoncrest backbling which allows him to store the items he needs while keeping a consistent style with the skin.


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