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Vegeta Galick Gun (Dragon Ball Z)

Use of the Galick Gun

Vegeta is represented here using his famous galick gun. Placed on a transparent base, it allows to show him jumping. He is wearing his usual blue, white and yellow outfit composed of pants, boots and white gloves and a kind of armor on top of his body. His hair points upwards and he has a very focused expression. His hands are placed one behind the other with fingers folded, in the characteristic position of this attack. Finally, he is surrounded by yellow lightning showing that he is gathering enough ki to send his attack.


An important evolution

Vegeta is a very popular character in the manga and the anime series Dragon Ball Z. He appears in the second part of the series when Goku is adult and discovers his alien origins. Like Goku, Vegeta is a very powerful Sayian warrior but at the beginning he acts under the orders of Freezer, an alien from the planet Cold. His goal is to conquer as many planets as possible or to destroy them if it is not possible. But when Vegeta realizes that this one used him as a slave, he will gradually change and end up joining Goku’s camp, falling in love with his friend Bulma and marrying her, giving birth to Trunks, a character who will become very important later in the saga. Like Goku, he has at his disposal several powerful techniques. The Galick Gun, which is in fact a powerful wave of energy, is one of them.


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