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Vegeta Windy (Dragon Ball Z)

Always ready to fight

Vegeta is represented here in fighting posture. He is wearing his usual Saiyan outfit made of blue pants and white boots and a kind of armor on the upper part of his body. His torso is well designed and there are yellow reinforcements on his shoulders and around his waist. He also wears white gloves on his hands with clenched fists. At the level of his head, his black hair points upwards because of the wind.


An extraordinary destiny

Vegeta is one of the most important characters of the second part of the manga and the anime Dragon Ball Z. Indeed, once he became an adult, Goku learns that he is in fact a member of a race of ultra powerful extra-terrestrial warriors, the Saiyan. Vegeta is also one of them but he uses his power to attack and destroy worlds under the orders of Freezer. Goku will fight him several times but after realizing that Freezer was treating him like a slave, he will turn against his master and end up making an alliance with Goku. He will fall in love with Bulma and together, they will have a son, Trunks who will also be very important and almost as powerful as his father.


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