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Veronica Lodge (Riverdale)

A look that stands out

Veronica’s family was part of New York’s high society and this continues to be evident in the way Veronica dresses. She wears an elegant navy blue dress with a small white collar and the embroidery on the top is nicely reproduced. With that, she wears black pumps and holds an elegant black handbag in her left hand. At the level of the head, her face is quite simple but we recognize well her long black hair.


The newcomer

Veronica Lodge is the newcomer in the small quiet town of Riverdale in the series of the same name inspired by the famous Archie Comics stories. Her wealthy family moved to Riverdale from New York after her father was accused of tax fraud and other financial scams. She soon becomes friends with Betty and Archie. Things get tense when she develops feelings for Archie while Betty is secretly in love with him. But they still remain friends, even though Betty’s mother insists that she cease all relationships with them.


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