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Kevin Keller (Riverdale)

A nice boy look

For this exclusive figure, Funko has represented the character of Kevin Keller with his very neat nice boy look. He wears light blue jeans with black shoes and a darker blue sweater. From this sweater, the collar of his white shirt protrudes and, finally, he also wears a brown jacket. He stands with one hand in the pocket and, at the level of the head, we find his elegant haircut going to the side.


A character taking importance

Kevin Keller is a recurring character of the first season of the series Riverdale and became a main character in the second season. He is Betty Cooper’s best friend and the son of the sheriff in the quiet town of Riverdale. In season one, he also becomes quite close to Veronica. Kevin is gay and that sometimes makes his life difficult, especially in this kind of small town. He had a brief relationship with Joaquin before he left town, and then with Moose. But Moose wants to keep his homosexuality a secret and doesn’t seem to have the same feelings that Kevin has for him.


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