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Betty Cooper (Riverdale)

A serious girl

In the show, Betty has a rather serious look and is shown wearing one of the outfits she is seen wearing in the show. She is wearing blue jeans with small beige boots and a gray sweater with a small golden crown drawn on it. We can also see the collar of the white shirt she wears underneath. At the level of the head, her light blond hair is held in a high ponytail as it was always the case in the comics and as it is often the case in the series.


A not so perfect life

Betty is one of the main characters of the Riverdale series inspired by the famous Archie Comics characters. The story takes place in Riverdale where life seems calm and peaceful but everyone seems to be hiding terrible secrets. Betty is a smart girl but her paranoid mother drugs her to control her. Betty is secretly in love with her best friend Archie but her life changes when they become friends with Veronica, who has just arrived from New York after her family was involved in a scandal.


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