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Jughead Jones (Riverdale)

A less popular boy

In the series, Jughead is a less popular boy than his friend Archie and this is reflected a little in his look. He wears blue jeans with gray sneakers and the top of his outfit is perfectly matched: a gray t-shirt and a blue denim jacket with a skin lining. On his head, a few strands of his thick black hair protrude from the big gray woolen cap he almost never leaves.


Best Friend

Jughead, whose real name is Forsythe, Jones was Archie Andrews’ best friend in the Riverdale series based on the famous Archie Comics stories and characters. Over the summer, Archie and Jughead argued about the fact that Archie was having a secret relationship with his music teacher and hadn’t told his best friend. Especially since in order to keep their relationship a secret, they had to hide the fact that they heard the gunshot that probably killed young Jason Blossom during the summer in the forest near the small town of Riverdale where the plot takes place. But Jughead having his own secrets, the two friends end up reconciling.


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