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Jughead dream sequence (Riverdale)

Back to basics

At the beginning of season 1, Jughead will have a strange dream where he sees everyone in retro outfits strongly resembling those of the comics. That’s how Funko represented him on this figurine. He wears black pants with a blue sweater where a big S is printed, and white shoes. On the head, we find his black hair and especially this funny silver crown.


The best friend

Jughead Jones is the best friend of Archie Andrews in the series Riverdale. This series is based on the Archie Comics of the 40s/50s and takes place in the theoretically quiet town of Riverdale and its famous high school. But everyone there actually has dark secrets. At the beginning of the series, Jughead resents his friend for hiding his secret relationship with his music teacher and he himself, a much more marginal student than the popular Archie, doesn’t exactly have a model family. In the course of season one, Jughead will also fall in love with Betty, Archie’s other best friend who had long been in love with him.


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