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Archie Andrews (Riverdale)

American High Schooler

As in the show, Archie is a typical American high schooler. Tall and rather muscular, he wears blue jeans, grey sneakers, a matching t-shirt and above all a blue and yellow jacket in the colors of his high school. As in the comics, Archie has red hair (although it is less in the series than on the figure) and his face is simple.


The central character

Archie is the central character of the series of the channel CW Riverdale which is an adaptation of several comics of the editions Archie Comics. Archie Andrews lives in the seemingly quiet town of Riverdale. Archie is trying to get his life back on track after breaking off his secret relationship with his music teacher and is determined to make music his profession. Archie also has a complicated friendship with his best friends Jughead Jones and Betty, who is secretly in love with him.


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