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Jughead Jones avec blouson en cuir (Riverdale)

A very distinctive look

For this figure, exclusive to Hot Topic stores, Funko has chosen to represent Jughead with different clothes but especially without his famous hat. However, we recognize his look always composed of clothes with very neutral colors: blue jeans, a gray T-shirt and a black leather jacket. At the level of the head, we find his black hair slightly curled falling down a little in front of his face.


A strained friendship

Jughead is one of the main characters in the Riverdale series and Archie’s best friend. His character is based on the Archie Comics all set in the small town of Riverdale. At the beginning of the series, the friendship between the two boys is more than tenuous because Jughead is very angry at Archie for not revealing his secret relationship with his music teacher. But that’s not the only secret in the seemingly quiet town of Riverdale and Jughead ends up forgiving his friend.


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