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Betty Cooper dream sequence (Riverdale)

A dreamy Betty

Funko has represented Betty here with the retro outfit she wears in a dream sequence in season two. Betty wears a long full skirt very typical of the 50s, green embroidered tone on tone with some pink flowers. She also wears a small pink sweater and shoes with heels matched. At the level of the head, Betty wears her blond hair shorter and slightly curled in the fashion of the 50s. A very nice and detailed figure that will delight the fans.


A loyal friend

Betty Cooper is one of the main characters in the popular TV series Riverdale. Based on the characters from the retro Archie Comics, the series is set in the small American town of Riverdale in a contemporary time period, not the 40s/50s like the original comics. The series is centered around the character of Archie Andrews whose best friend Betty is. She is in love with him but her feelings are not reciprocated. Betty is a very intelligent and studious young woman with a cheerful personality. During the series, while Archie will get closer to Veronica, Betty will start a relationship with Jughead, the other best friend of Archie. But of course, like all the other characters in town, these two also have their dark little secrets.


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