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Reggie Mantle (Riverdale)

An American clich?

Reggie has therefore logically been represented here with his American soccer player outfit. He wears blue shorts, black sneakers with studs and the famous white jersey with the colors of Riverdale stained with dirt after he played. In his right hand, he holds the football. At the level of the head finally, we find his black hair styled neatly with a lock falling on his forehead.


the soccer player with dark sides

Reggie Mantle is, on the surface, the typical American high school athlete. He’s the captain of the Riverdale High School soccer team and doesn’t seem to give much importance to anything other than American soccer and sex. But it turns out that he also has dark sides as he is also a small time drug dealer and fake ID maker. He is a recurring character in seasons 1 and 2 but becomes a main character in season 3. He will especially get close to Veronica and support her when Archie will be in prison and then leave her before he himself ends up dating her.


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