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Vibe (The Flash)

Cool look

Vibe is represented here with his superhero costume that looks like a biker style. He is wearing black leather pants with a jacket and burgundy boots with some gold details. He wears black gloves and the strange glasses that allow him to better control his power. Finally, we find of course his black hair half-long and he is positioned one hand in front as if he was using his powers.


A Vibrant Character

From his real name Cisco Ramon, Vibe is one of the important characters in the Flash series, also inspired by a DC comic book superhero. Like Barry Allen, he works at STAR Labs but as a mechanical engineer, a discipline in which he is considered a genius. In the course of the series, we will discover that Cisco was also impacted by the particle gas pedal explosion and that he now has the power to control the vibrations of everything around him, which makes him a very powerful character.


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