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Wall-E Supersized (Wall-E)


Funko has represented Wall-E here in a 25 cm supersized version. We find his retro look with his square orange body and his legs” made of two kinds of rollers. His two pincers form hands in front of his body and his head is formed by some kind of binoculars which give him those big eyes and that so adorable look.


The last robot on Earth

Wall-E is the main character of the Disney Pixar Studios cartoon, Wall-E. He is a small, intelligent robot who was left behind when humans left Earth because it had become too polluted for them. Wall-E continues his daily task of collecting garbage to compact it. His only companion is a cockroach. But one day, he discovers a small plant shoot that gives him hope for a return of life on Earth. That’s when Eve arrives. She is a much more sophisticated flying robot sent by humans to check the level of pollution on Earth. When she sees the plant found by Wall-E, she takes it with her to warn the humans, living in space, that it’s time to come back.


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