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Wall-E with Fire Extinguisher (Wall-E)

Ready for his great adventure

Funko has represented Wall-E using a fire extinguisher as a jet pack to take off and follow Eve in space. We find his square shape with a yellow body and gray wheels. His big expressive eyes like binoculars look upwards and with his hands, he holds the fire extinguisher pointed downwards. The figure rests on a kind of cloud formed by the foam of the fire extinguisher that propels it.


The loneliest of all robots

Wall-E is the endearing hero of the animated film Wall-E from Disney Studios. Years in the future, the Earth has become too polluted for humans and they have gone to live in space. On Earth, only heaps of garbage remain and Wall-E, a small robot whose job is to compact and tidy them. His only companion is a cockroach until the day he discovers a small plant shoot that seems to indicate that life could soon resume on Earth. That’s when Eve, a much more sophisticated robot sent to Earth to check if life could resume, arrives. She and Wall-E flirt, and when she finds the plant, she has to go back to warn the humans. She then takes Wall-E with her on a great adventure.


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