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Eve flying (Wall-E)

Eve in flight

Funko has represented Eve flying back to the human space base. We find her white body with very pure lines. Her body is conical and she has two small arms on the sides. Her face is a little more round and she has a black screen on the front which allows her to display a kind of face. She stands on a transparent base surrounded by blue circles that recreate the way she takes flight.


The Good News Robot

Eve is one of the two little robot heroes of the Disney cartoon Wall-E. The movie takes place hundreds of years in the future when humans have deserted the planet which had become too polluted. They left to live in space, leaving behind only Wall-E type robots to clean and compact the garbage. But hundreds of years later, little Wall-E is the last one in operation, having as a companion only a small cockroach. One day, he finds a small plant that has grown and represents hope for the planet. Then Eve, a much more modern robot, is sent by the humans to check if the Earth is less polluted. Wall-E falls in love with her and the two little robots have a romance. But when Eve comes across the plant that Wall-E has found, she must leave immediately to warn the humans. She takes Wall-E with her and it’s the beginning of an adventure.


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