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Eve Earth Day (Wall-E)

An adorable robot

For this exclusive figurine, Eve is represented carrying the little plant found by Wall-E and that he put in an old shoe. Eve is a small white robot with a very pure style and two arms that also look like wings. At the level of the head, she has a kind of face displayed on a screen and can thus express her various emotions. She is placed on a transparent plastic base to give the impression that she is flying slightly above the ground.


Return of Life

Eve is one of the two little robot heroes of the Disney Studios cartoon Wall-E. Set some time in the future, the Earth has become uninhabitable and humans have gone to live in space. Wall-E, a little garbage-compacting robot, is left alone on Earth and continues his task in a monotonous way with a cockroach as his only companion. Until one day he finds a small plant that seems to be the sign that life will soon be possible again on Earth. Then Eve arrives, a small flying robot, much more sophisticated, which is precisely there to try to detect traces of life on Earth. She meets Wall-E and the two little robots are intrigued by each other and have fun together. Until Eve finds the plant and her programming takes over. She then takes the plant and Wall-E into space to go and warn humanity of this incredible news.


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