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Eve (Wall-E)

Eve, the little Apple robot

The appearance of the Eve robot lends itself particularly well to the style of the pop figurines with its round forms and its head whose shape is already very close to that of the pop figurines. Eve is a white robot with very pure forms, which could easily be compared to the Apple products of that time. As in the movie, she has two kinds of arms that also serve as wings and contain all kinds of gadgets. Eve also has a small green leaf-shaped logo on her torso that reminds us of her function: to look for life forms, especially vegetal ones. Finally, her head has almost the same shape as in the movie, except that it is a little bigger. On the front, she has a small black screen with blue lights that change according to her emotions. Funko of course depicted her with a friendly look! Eve is an adorable figure to match with the Wall-E figure, which is also very nice.


The robot in search of life

Eve is one of the main characters of the animated film Wall-E, from Disney Studios. This animated film tells the story of a little robot named Wall-E abandoned on an Earth deserted by human beings. Indeed, in a more or less distant future, the Earth having become too polluted to live on, humans have abandoned it to live on other planets. Wall-E, a small intelligent robot, is left alone and keeps himself busy by cleaning and compacting garbage, having for only friend a cockroach, the only living being to have apparently survived. But regularly the humans send probes on Earth to check if this one became livable again. One day, they send Eve, a pretty white flying robot, in the hope of finding new signs of life. She meets Wall-E and they fall in love”. But when Eve finally finds a plant, she has to leave Earth to warn humans that life is possible again. Wall-E will then follow her and a great adventure will begin.


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