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M-O (Wall-E)

A modern robot

In contrast to Wall-E, M-O is a modern looking robot like Eve. The base of his body is a kind of small vacuum cleaner and the whole is conical. He also has a kind of small transparent blue tank and two hands on the sides. His head is much bigger and he has a face made of a black plate and two green lights.


A clean freak

M-O is one of the many little robots in the Disney Pixar cartoon Wall-E. On an Earth that has become too polluted for humans to live on, Wall-E the robot is the last inhabitant in charge of compacting and storing garbage. But when he finds a little plant, it’s a sign that life may be ready to resume. He then finds himself embarked by Eve, a robot sent by the humans to check for the presence of life on Earth. On the Axiom, the place where the humans now live, they meet M-O. M-O is a small robot specialized in cleanliness who will follow Wall-E obsessively, leaving traces of dust behind him. But he eventually agrees to go beyond his programming and even saves Wall-E who was in danger of being sent into space.


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