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Figurines Pop Wall-E & Eve (Wall-E)

A romantic moment

For this pop moment, Funko represented a romantic scene from the movie between the two little robots. They are sitting on a rusty bench next to a rusty trash can and a rusty lamp post. We find Wall-E with his big eyes like binoculars. He is holding hands with Eve with his modern white design and his streamlined body with a black screen serving as a face. She has a garland of Christmas lights as a scarf around her neck.


An adorable duo

Wall-E and Eve are the two heroes of the animated film Wall-E which has the particularity of being almost silent. Wall-E is the last robot left on an Earth too polluted to support human life. All humans have left to live in space and Wall-E is alone, continuing to compact garbage all day. His only companion is a cockroach. One day, he discovers a small plant shoot which means that life will be able to resume on the planet. That’s when Eve arrives, a small, much more advanced robot sent to check if life could resume. She meets Wall-E and the two little robots fall in love. When Eve discovers the little plant, she takes Wall-E with her to warn the humans that life has resumed.


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