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White Rabbit (Alice Au Pays Des Merveilles)

An elegant rabbit

As in the cartoon, the rabbit is elegantly dressed in 19th century fashion. He is wearing gray pants with a yellow jacket and a red vest. He is holding a small green umbrella in his hand, but also a big golden pocket watch. His face is all white and he has a surprised look. Finally, he also wears a pair of glasses with a golden frame very low on his nose.


A late rabbit

The white rabbit is an important character in the animated film Alice in Wonderland from Disney Studios. It is the character at the origin of all the adventure of the young Alice. Indeed, she is in her garden being bored while her sister is reading when she sees the white rabbit passing by, holding a big pocket watch and running while repeating that he is late. She follows him down the rabbit hole and falls into the strange wonderland. She tries to continue following the rabbit while trying to find her way home and finally ends up at the Queen of Hearts’ castle where the rabbit was expected.


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