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Winnie The Pooh (Christopher Robin)

An adorable stuffed animal

As can be seen in the film, Winnie is not a real bear but a stuffed animal whose fur as well as details such as the seams are particularly well represented. He is sitting on his backside with his paws very simplified and one of them raised. He wears as always a small red wool sweater whose details are, once again, very well done.


A returning old friend

Winnie is one of the main characters in the movie Christopher Robin, in which we find an adult version of Christopher Robin, the young hero of the books and cartoons Winnie The Pooh. After being sent to boarding school and then living through the death of his father and later the Second World War, Christopher was forced to grow up and forget about his friends in the forest. Now married with a young daughter, Christopher is depressed and it doesn’t help that he has been asked to fire some of the staff of the luggage company where he works. Then Winnie wakes up and, unable to find his friend in the forest, decides to go into the real world and help his friend Christopher find his joy in life.


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