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Winston Zeddemore anniversaire (Ghostbusters)

Winston version 2019

Like his companions, on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the first movie, Funko decided to make a new and more detailed figurine. He is represented with his famous beige suit of ghost hunter and he wears of course black gloves and boots to go with it. He wears the small crest with his name on his chest and holds the plasma gun in his hand. On the face, we find his brown skin, his hair cut short on the sides but a little longer on top and his characteristic little mustache.


The fourth man

In contrast to the other three ghost hunters in the Ghostbusters movie, Winston Zeddemore was not there from the start. He’s not a college professor either and only came into the picture when the ghostbusters business started to take off and the original three members decided they needed to hire someone. Winston Zeddemore is a pragmatic man, not particularly passionate about the paranormal despite the fact that he is very religious but is willing to believe in it for a good salary. He is the one who will take over everything concerning the repairs of the equipment and the mechanical aspect in order to leave doctors Stantz and Spengler more time to develop their machine and improve it.


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