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Figurines Pop Dr Peter Venkman with Firehouse (Ghostbusters)

A cult building

This set is one of the first pieces of Funko’s Pop Town category that presents a character of a cult license with the building that is associated with him. In this case, we find Doctor Peter Venkman with his Ghostbuster outfit and covered in part with ectoplasm and accompanied by the famous abandoned fire station which becomes their HQ. This one is a typical New York fire station with red brick walls, very high windows and especially this big black door that allows the big fire trucks to pass. Above this door, there is also a panel with the ghostbusters logo and from one of the windows on the sides you can see a slime flow.


A great base

Dr. Peter Venkman is one of the three original creators of the Ghostbusters company. Along with his colleagues and friends, Dr. Stantz and Dr. Spengler, they developed a technology that would allow them to capture ghosts and thus rid haunted places of these unwanted spirits. After their first successful capture in a New York hotel, the Ghostbusters became very popular and their business was particularly successful, which allowed them to find premises larger than their apartment for their company. They buy an old fire station. This one allows them to have an adapted car and to better manage the emergency calls.


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